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Clinical Nurses

Lia Capozzi, RN

Lia Sullivan, RN

Lia received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Salem State University in 1984. Her initial experience was in a surgical unit at Massachusetts General Hospital. After several years of acute care experience, Lia worked for a local dermatologist for many years. With that experience she joined the staff at Mystic Valley Dermatology. She has been a member of the team since 1999.

Lia works in surgery assisting during procedures, as well as unit coordinator for this department. She has worked in cosmetic laser and light treatment. She has attended many educational classes and has received multiple certifications in various laser treatments. The PDT or “blue light” treatment has rendered excellent results for our patients requiring treatment of precancerous lesions. Lia is part of our team helping to implement this treatment with great success.

Lia also specializes in CoolSculpting – a revolutionary non-invasive fat reduction treatment. Lia has been providing CoolSculpting services to our patients since 2012. She offers complementary consultation and evaluation to potential clients.

Claire Iverson, RN

Claire Iverson, RN

Claire Iverson received her RN from St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Brighton in 1974. Her initial experience was on the surgical floor at the hospital, where she trained for several years.

Her career in dermatology began in 1977. She has worked with many well-known dermatologists during her five-year employment at the Harvard University.

She joined Mystic Valley Dermatology in 1995. Claire has worked in surgery assisting in various procedures and is now the clinical coordinator. She is also part of the team that implements treatment of pre-cancerous lesions by administering photodynamic therapy.