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Best Hand Lotions For Winter

Winter weather changes your skin, especially your hands. In order to avoid chapped, dry hands, it’s important to use the best moisturizers.

What Causes Dry Hands in The Winter?

The most common causes for dry hands in the winter include:

  • Lack of humidity. The humidity outside plummets in the winter. The change in humidity and temperature also causes changes in skin. Indoor heating makes skin even drier.
  • Flu. Fall and winter are also commonly known as flu season. If you’re washing your hands multiple times a day to avoid getting the flu, you could be eliminating the natural oils that are left in your skin. The mixture of washing your hands frequently and the humidity dropping can cause your hands to dry out, crack and even bleed.

What are the Best Lotions to Keep Hands Smooth During Winter?

The following lotions are recommended by dermatologists for dry hands:

  1. Atopalm’s Moisturizing Hand Treatment. The combination of moisturizers and antioxidants reduce dryness during harsh, winter months.
  2. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream. The formula in Neutrogena Hand Cream helps to prevent and temporarily protect chapped, dry skin.
  3. Melrose Hand and Skin Cream. Melrose is a heavier, non-greasy hand cream that works to prevent and treat the toughest skin conditions. It has been proven to alleviate discomfort caused by eczema and ichthyosis.

Consult your dermatologist today for information on the best hand creams for your skin.