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Take Advantage of Our SkinMedica Facial Peel Specials!

Our skin care specialists are able to treat a wide variety of dermatological conditions from acne to skin cancer.

Many of our clients come to us with concerns over mild to moderate cosmetic skin problems, such as dark spots, wrinkles, acne scars, and more. One incredible solution to issues like these is to complete a series of skin peels in order to remove old, dead layers of skin and reveal the beautiful complexion that lies beneath!

The Illuminize Peel

This particular peel is designed to provide a gentle and more superficial result for patients looking to brighten the overall tone of their skin and even their complexion. An excellent choice for anyone who has never had a facial peel before, the Illuminize Peel will achieve wonderful results without needing much downtime.

Individuals who complete an Illuminize Peel series can expect a bright and healthy glow to their skin as soon as they step out of our office. While your skin may be more sensitive afterwards, you should only experience mild redness and little to no visible peeling in the days following your peel.

The Vitalize Peel

Anyone looking for a deeper, more noticeable difference in their skin will usually opt for the Vitalize peel. This series is better for targeting more moderate damage to the skin, such as acne scarring, significant sun damage, and rough texture. Many of our patients will see an immediate difference in their skin after their first Vitalize Peel, though we typically recommend 3 to 6 total treatments in order to achieve optimal results.

Patients of all skin types are eligible for Vitalize Peels, though it is ideal to review your options with one of our specialists before committing to one particular peel series. This way, we can help you find the exact product and course of treatment specifically designed for you and your skin!

Our Current Offers

Smiling woman with beautiful skinRight now, all Mystic Valley Dermatology locations are offering SkinMedica Peels at a special price! If you buy 3 treatments, you will get the 4th absolutely free!

Call (781) 438-6350 today, or submit an online request to reserve your appointment with our skin care professionals!