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Skin Care Tips for Fall

Fall weather has officially arrived, which means dry skin has too. Here are five skin care tips that will keep your skin healthy throughout the fall.

Change up your sunscreen for fall UVA rays. – Just because summer is over doesn’t mean your skin is safe from UV damage. Do research on the best sunscreens for fall to make sure your skin is protected all year.

Splurge on a new hand cream – Both washing your hands and the decreasing temperatures can cause your hands to dry out. Keep a heavy-duty hand cream with you at all times so you can keep your skin smooth.

Try a hydration mask – Weekly hydration masks are both easy to use and keep your skin glowing. Simply place a layer on your skin before bed and allow the mask to absorb while you sleep.

Make adjustments to your diet – Healthy skin comes from both taking care of your skin and maintaining a healthy diet. Stay hydrated and enjoy foods rich in unsaturated fats.

Don’t forget about your feet – Just because your feet are hidden in boots for the fall and winter doesn’t mean you should neglect taking care of them. Exfoliate them on a regular basis and make sure to always wear socks with boots. That way, you’ll have no problem slipping back into sandals when summer comes.