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True or False – Facts About Adult Acne


One in five women ages 25 to 40 suffer from at least a mild form of adult acne. Are these facts about the condition true or false?

1. Adult usually begins with blackheads

True! Blackheads form because oil and dead cells get trapped in the pores. When blackheads become irritated, red pimples develop and spread. To make sure blackheads don’t get inflamed and turn into red pimples, try an exfoliate with alpha-hydroxy acids.

2. Chocolate causes acne

False! If you have a sweet tooth, don’t worry about it causing break outs. However, chocolate can sometimes cause acne to flare up due to the dairy in milk chocolate.

3. Adult acne is treated the same way as teenage acne

False! Adult acne is often caused by different reasons than teenage acne. That means that the products that fought your acne as a teenager will most likely not help your adult acne. Medicated cleansers are usually the most effective. It’s also important to exfoliate with salicylic acid two to three times a week.

4. Facials can help clear up skin

True! A good facialist knows the right combination of treatments to clear your skin and open up your pores. Instead of getting a cleansing mask at the store, schedule an appointment to get a facial!

5. Dermatologists will clear up your skin fast

True! Though over-the-counter topical treatments often work for adults with mild acne, serious adult acne requires a professional. Dermatologists have a laundry list of products and treatments that can have your skin clear and beautiful in no time!

If you suffer from adult acne, consult a physician today.