EltaMD Skincare Products

EltaMD offers specially formulated products for sun care and skin care to help protect the skin from a variety of harmful substances and events. This added protection helps to reduce Taking proactive steps to protect your skin with EltaMD products will help to reduce long-term damage that can lead to premature signs of aging.

EltaMD Sun Care

Most people are very familiar with the incredible impact that the sun can have on the skin. Not all sunlight is bad for the skin, as it actually helps to produce vitamin D, which is needed for normal development of bodily tissues. The sun can keep us healthy, but overexposure to the ultraviolet (UV) rays given off from the sun can burn, and deeply age the skin.

EltaMD sun care is a product line made specifically to counteract this type of sun exposure. With high sun protection factor (SPF) numbers of 30 to 46, EltaMD is able to both replenish the skin after suffering sun damage, as well as protect it from any future damage that may occur.

These broad-spectrum sunscreens are formulated using transparent zinc oxide, which preserves the skin while also remaining extremely light to avoid a build up of oil that may lead to clogged pores or acne. These products are very gentle on the skin, and are free from both parabens and fragrances.

EltaMD Skin Care

The EltaMD skincare line covers a wide variety of daily needs for individuals with all skin types. These products, when used in combination with one another, work to achieve three essential steps to healthy skin:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Moisturize
  3. Protect

All three of these components are needed to effectively clear away any dirt or grime that has collected on the skin throughout the day, replenish the skin’s natural moisture that gives it a soft and supple texture, and protect the skin from future harm. Implementing these three simple steps in a daily regimen can not only repair past damage, but can also save your skin from many common causes of aged skin.

Although EltaMd skin and sun care each work for all skin types, it is best for individuals to select specific products that are tailored to their unique needs. If you are unsure about which EltaMD skincare or sun care products to use, schedule a consultation with one of our expert dermatologists today by calling Mystic Valley Dermatology Associates at (781) 438-6350, or by submitting an online appointment request!