Mohs Surgery Specialists Near North Boston MA

Our Dermatologists specialize in Mohs Surgery

Mohs Surgery for the removal of skin cancer is a highly precise, highly effective method that excises not only the visible tumor, but also any cancer cells that may have extended beneath the skin surface.

Mohs surgery by our team in North Boston involves systematic removal and microscopic analysis of thin layers of tissue at the tumor site until the last traces of cancer have been eliminated. The immediate and complete microscopic examination and evaluation of excised tissue is what differentiates Mohs surgery from other skin cancer removal procedures. Cancerous tissue is removed with minimal normal tissue sacrifice, minimizing both post-operative wound size and chances of recurrence.

Mohs surgery is most commonly used for basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. Cancers that have recurred are often treated using this technique, because the precision of Mohs surgery is ideal for the elimination of cancers in cosmetically and functionally critical areas, such as head, neck, hands and feet.

ACMS fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon, Dr. Donald Grande, underwent additional training in surgery, pathology and reconstructive surgery to provide the highest quality of treatment for your skin cancer and the best possible cosmetic outcome.

What are the Advantages of Mohs Surgery?

In addition to its high cure rate, Mohs surgery provides several other advantages for people with skin cancer:

  • Compared to traditional surgery, the precision of Mohs surgery usually causes less scarring, which leads to better cosmetic and functional outcomes.
  • It requires no general anesthesia, which permits its use for people, who may not be able to tolerate traditional surgery.
  • Because it is so safe, it can be used for elderly people or in patients too fragile to undergo other forms of surgery.
  • The procedure can often be performed in an office-based surgical suite, minimizing hospital time for patients.
  • Because it uses microscopic examination of each layer of tissue to trace the edges of the cancer, Mohs surgery can more accurately eliminate diseased tissue and lessen the chance of recurrence.

To learn more about Mohs surgery, please follow the link to the American College of Mohs Surgery patient education website:

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