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Frequently Asked Questions

General and Surgical Dermatology

What is an insurance referral and do I need one to be seen at your office?

A referral is a special kind of pre-approval that individual health plan members—primarily those with HMOs—must obtain from their chosen primary care physician before seeing a specialist or another doctor within the same network. Referral requirements differ for each insurance; therefore we encourage our patients to thoroughly familiarize themselves with their insurance plans and to be proactive in making sure that a referral is in place before the appointment with a specialist. Without a referral in place, the visit will not be covered by the insurance company and the patient will become financially responsible for all accrued charges.

Do I have to pay a co-payment?

Yes. If your contract with an insurance company requires a co-payment, it must be paid at the time of your appointment.

What is prior authorization?

Prior authorization helps ensure the appropriate use of selected prescription drugs. This process is designed to prevent improper prescription or use of certain drugs that may not be the best choice for a health condition.

How will I know if a prescription drug needs prior authorization (PA)?

Our practice will be notified by your pharmacy if a Prior Authorization is required for the prescribed medication. Our staff will then follow a strict procedure determined by your insurance company to submit a request for a prior authorization. It can take several business days for the insurance company to respond with an approval or a denial of the PA request.

Cosmetic Dermatology

Why do I need cosmetic consultation before booking my cosmetic procedure?

Mystic Valley Dermatology Associates strives to provide exceptional individualized service to each patient. It is especially important for our cosmetic clients. We offer majority of injectable and cosmetic laser procedures available on the market. So it is essential that out providers meet with potential clients, discuss treatment options, help select the best product and the best treatment plan. We require all new patients or all patients seeking new cosmetic services to make a consultation prior to scheduling a treatment.

Are cosmetic consultations free?

Our providers do not offer free cosmetic consultations for several major reasons. We feel it is fair to have our providers be compensated for their time and expertise just as other highly-trained professional would be. Our providers also want to maximize one-on-one time with patients. Charging a fee can make it more feasible for them to take the necessary time to ensure a patient has all the information needed to move forward. Additionally, collecting a consult fee is a good way to ensure a prospective patient is serious about pursuing a procedure, which can make for a more productive consultation experience.